From İstanbul Atatürk Airport to Bursa City Bus Terminal

There are several ways to come to Bursa once you are in İstanbul Atatürk Airport.

A) One may prefer to fly to Bursa Yenişehir Airport, which is 1 hour away from the city center but as there are no frequent flights there, people prefer other ways. We don’t recommend this way.

B) The easiest way is firstly to take the underground in İstanbul (metro). After passing the customs, do not go out of the building, you turn right and walk 2-3 minutes till you see the elevators. Press for the lowest floor. When you get out of the elevator, follow the signs for Metro. It is one minute walk. There are token machines and an office. You shall need some Turkish Lira (TL) there, so get some small amount of money exchanged once you pass the customs. Get off at the tenth stop called Esenler, which is the main coach station on European side of İstanbul, and secondly take a direct bus to Bursa. There are many coach companies as the national transportation system depends very much on them. The popular companies are:

Nilüfer Turizm and Kâmil Koç 

Every hour until midnight, a coach from each company as well as many others, departs for Bursa. In the night time you may have to wait a little bit longer depending on the period of the year. On the road to Bursa, you will have the pleasure of being in one of the car-and passenger ferryboats which take about 45 minutes. The total travel time is about 3-3.5 hours.

C) You can take a fast ferry (hızlı feribot, 1 hr) or car ferry(whether you have a car or not) from Istanbul (Yenikapı) to Mudanya, one of the sea-side towns of Bursa, on the southern shore of the Sea of Marmara and from Mudanya you can take a bus or minibus to Bursa (timetable of IDO can be found at   Minibuses depart from near the passenger ferry dock regularly to take people from Mudanya to Bursa City Center. For up-to-date information, schedules and reservations about fast ferries, please visit D) There is also a shorter, faster route from Istanbul’s Asian suburb of Pendik to Yalova. The voyage takes only 40 minutes. This would be your better choice if you find yourself on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

Distances & Travel Times
Ankara                                   380 km (236 miles) E, 6 hours
Bandırma                              115 km (72 miles) W, 2 hours

Çanakkale (Dardanelles)    310 km (193 miles) W, 5 hours
Eskişehir                              148  km (92 miles) E, 2.25 hours
Istanbul:                                by fast ferry through Yalova NE, 3-3.5 hours
İzmir                                       375 km (233 miles) SW, 5.5 hours

İznik (Nicaea)                        67 km (42 miles) NE, 1 hour
Kütahya                                 178 km (111 miles) S, 2.75 hours
Yalova                                   55 km (34 miles) N, 50minute

 From Bursa City Bus Terminal to Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Once in the Bursa City Bus Terminal, the easiest way to reach Istanbul Ataturk Airport is to take a bus to Istanbul Esenler Bus Terminal. There are many companies, but the popular ones again are Nilufer Turizm and Kamil Koc. The bus costs approximately 10 Euros and arrives to Esenler in 3-3.5 hours. There you can either take a taxi or take underground (10 stops,get off in the last stop) to Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Another way is to take the fast ferry from Mudanya/Bursa which is half an hour away from the Campus and takes 1,5 hours to Yenikapi/Istanbul. There you can take coaches directed to the Atatürk Airport or can take a taxi, (timetable of IDO can be found at



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