Erasmus Programme

Our Erasmus coordinator is Prof. Dr. İ. Hakan Mert

Erasmus Programme which encourages students in their undergraduate and graduate study to spend part of their studies in another country abroad. Students have chance to attempt a study placement at a partner University which are listed below.

Studying abroad for a year or for a semester can be a big life experience for you. Erasmus programme will help you to learn more about yourself and help you to develop your language skills, as well as help you to improve understanding of the academic subject that you are studying in archaeology.

If you wish to study at archaeology at Uludağ University as part of Erasmus exchange programme, there should be an Erasmus Bilateral Agreement between partner universities.


Department of archaeology at Uludağ University welcomes Erasmus students from partner universities and encourages all students to experience the Erasmus exchange programme during their study.



    Univesity Country Quoto
    Trnava Slovakia   3
    Humboldt-Berlin Germany   3
    Bonn Germany   3
    Ruchr-Bochum Germany   3 
    Münster Germany   3
    Hamburg Germany   3
    Frei Univetstät Germany   2
    Alpen-Adria Austuria   3
    Aarhus Denmark   3 
    Coimbra Portugal   2
    Pécsi Tudományegyetem Hungary   2
    Lausanne Switzerland   2
    Bern Switzerland   4
    Aristotle Selanik Greece   2
    Palachéko V Olomouci Czech Republic   4
    Warsaw Poland   2
    Napoli Italy   5
    Pisa Italy   2
    Regensburg Germany   10
    Göttingen Germany   4
    Budapeşte Hungary   5
    Salzburg Austria   10




    Name-Surname Country   City
    Metehan İhtiyar Germany   Berlin
    Mustafa Sepet Germany   Berlin
    Zeynep Zorer Germany   Berlin
    İpek Tor Germany   Hamburg 
    Buğra Kuru Germany   Bonn
    Berna Meyancı Germany   Bonn
    Samet Akın Germany   Hamburg
    Ozan Usanmaz Germany   Berlin
    Osman Solmuş Germany   Berlin


    Name-Surname Country   City
    Michaela Reinfeld Germany   Berlin
    Anita Kata Kovari Hungary   Pecs
    Katerina Kleinova Czech Republic   Palackeho
    Petra Ulbert Hungary   Pecs
    Pamela Paprasz Hungary   Pecs
    Berna Meyancı Hungary   Pecs
    Daniel Firgi Hungary   Pecs
    Zoltan Megyesi Hungary  Pecs
    Mareke Ubben Germany Hamburg
    Veronika Straub Germany Hamburg